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Title: What the Site is About
Post by: superpsycho on 05/06-14:11
This site is about its members helping each other become better writers and complete their projects. We share what we learn, building reference material, links and tips as we discover them.

Unlike other writing sites, one of the purposes of this site is to help promote its members. So feel free to link to your blogs or any sites where your work has been published. The only thing we ask is you don't abuse the privilege. Don't spam and don't link to sites that only have a purely commercial purpose other than writing. One the things every writer needs to learn is to market themselves. So we want to help each other learn and accomplish that.

You won't see any advertizing or banners on this site. Nor will you be asked to donate to earn status or privileges.  The reputation, or karma, system is turned off. This site is about getting the work of it's members published. It serves as a resource to help get member's stories good enough to publish and ways to market the material when done.

One of the main features of this site, is its 'writers working groups' that provide its members with private individual boards where they can critique and beta read each others work. Read about working groups here (http://ourforumon.com/forum-info-and-faq/about-working-groups/msg590/#msg590)