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Author Topic: Guides-Art of Brevity  (Read 3560 times)

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Guides-Art of Brevity
« on: 05/11-04:35 »

Writing something like a eulogy often comes unexpectedly and with limited time. What you can do is always based on how well you know the person. This link shows a lot of examples of eulogies and how to go about the process.

Eulogy Speech

The Best Man Wedding speech can drive many a young man into distraction, while others don't have a problem giving a few heart felt words off the top of their head. If you're the worrying type and want to do more than stumble over words not thoroughly thought out or practiced, than try this link.

Insight into Best Man Speeches

Advertising is harder then most people think. You're trying to get the attention of a wide variety of people in the fewest words possible.  Often, it's less then a sentence, designed to put a product or thought in the mind of it's audience. The fact that most people are trying to avoid the very thing you want them to notice is a challenge in itself. The word is, ad men can make some really good money. So for those of you trying to learn the skill, here are a couple links that might help.

The Marcus Letter                       Internet Marketing
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Re: Guides-Art of Brevity
« Reply #1 on: 07/28-08:24 »

Found a few good examples here.
The Art of Writing for Brevity
Best Planet I've Been On So Far  Stupid T-Shirts
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