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Author Topic: Space colonization and frontier worlds  (Read 7498 times)

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One of the things that has intrigued me, is what would future space colonization and frontier worlds really be like. Looking back at history to other periods of long distance exploration and colonization, what are some of the things they had in common and may repeat as we move out to other planets.

Some of these issues I touched on in the tri-systems space setting thread.

What would the relationship between men and women be like, as a colony did what was deemed necessary for the colony to be a success.  Would women be given special protection or status in an attempt to propagate the species to ensure the success of the colony. If the pattern repeated, where men went first then women followed, wouldn't there be a lot of pressure to protect the few among so many men?

What would be the optimal social structure for survival? No matter how much technology they had, wouldn't there be a premium on manpower and therefore children to insure the colony's success? Man has for most of it's history depended on large families for survival. As man settled new worlds, wouldn't they be in the same situation?

Philosophically as some eastern culture believe, wouldn't you in effect end your line if you didn't reproduce. I could see where in a colony not having children would be considered the ultimate sin and betrayal of your ancestors.

Any thoughts?
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Re: Space colonization and frontier worlds
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Sounds reasonable that something might develop along that order but no telling what for sure. I could understand being that isolated they'd need to husband their resources. The women would be essential to the colonies future. Whether some future cultural standard would allow it, is another question. If they were that important, maybe the women would demand to be in charge.  Hard to say.
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