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Author Topic: Creating buzz for your book or product  (Read 31977 times)

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Creating buzz is easy to do but it does require effort. The more time you put into it the better the results. If possible, select one person to handle the social end of the project. Anyone who has some free time and likes talking to people on the web. Family member, close friend or whoever, they don't have to know marketing, just be a regular presence and be able to post the right conversation when the time comes.

I've made the heart of this topic for members only. Though a lot of people use these techniques every day, they're still not known by the public in general. The reality is the more any given technique is used, the less effective it becomes.

Everything below this line can be seen by forum members only.

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Re: Creating buzz for your book or product
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A couple of things I should mention about how to get multiple IPs, One way is to pay for a proxy service. Some of them will even let you select what country the IP is from. Another way to do it is use an Opera browser which has a built in proxy service if you turn on the private network mode and disable local proxy service. The drawback is the IP is random so it's hard to assign a specific personality to an IP.
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