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Author Topic: Book Cover Design  (Read 34100 times)

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Re: Book Cover Design
« Reply #15 on: 05/01-00:02 »

I was looking at the image thinking something was missing then realized in the story she is law enforcement so she needed her badge and patches. I think they do help.

Click to see the original size.
Click image to enlarge

Still not happy with the background because of how dark it is. When I get time I'll try to construct something lighter.
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Re: Book Cover Design
« Reply #16 on: 10/19-08:15 »

I have a few folks I use now but before I always had good luck with the classified section.
I'd first draw a stick figure and objects with the same skill as one might find on the refrigerator in a kindergarten classroom. Draw arrows to each object and add a description of what it should look like when drawn by someone with talent, save as jpeg and email to an artist with a classified on the deviantart site. Never disappointed and never paid more than fifty-dollars. Were I rich and did this I'd be a jerk, but I'm not rich and most of the artists were art students and appreciated the money.
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Re: Book Cover Design
« Reply #17 on: 10/19-11:13 »

My daughter isn't a bad artist so I thought I'd use her if I ever can finish something. Deviantart certainly has some good artist though.
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