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Author Topic: The Bar  (Read 128372 times)

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Re: The Bar
« Reply #675 on: 08/22-19:45 »

Or a Medical Examiner partnering with a detective to investigate a crime, or amateur sleuths solving crimes. But the shows are still fun to watch.

Castle was a good one.


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Re: The Bar
« Reply #676 on: 08/23-17:41 »

Castle was a good one.
Yes it was. So much so we bought the DVD for each season as it was available then loaded it onto the video server. We have three tera-byte worth of old TV series. It's fun to binge watch them once in a while.
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Re: The Bar
« Reply #677 on: 11/08-13:48 »

Sorry I haven't been around but the docs have had me busy and will be for the foreseeable future. Had blood in my urine so they put me through a bunch of tests and found a tumor in my bladder. Phase 3 cancer but luckily it hadn't gotten through the bladder wall or into the muscle. With treatment they think I have better then 70% chance of beating it. Treatment starts in three weeks and will last for several months. Supposedly it isn't very nice.

I was getting some writing done before all this came up. Lost a drive and my back up didn't have the spreadsheets with all my space travel calculations. Redoing them help get my head back into the story.
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