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This forum is where writers work together reviewing, editing and promoting their work. The forum is free. It is for both published and unpublished authors interested working with others towards improving their craft, whether a small article, a poem or epic novel. Note that many areas of this site contain original work product by its members. To prevent general distribution of that work, you must be a member and subject to terms of use to access many areas. Mission Statement

Board Subject Topics Posts
Writing Discussions Questions and discussions concerning writing techniques and ways to develop skill levels. 3 18
Story and Plot Development Discussions on plot development, sub-plots and other aspects of creating story lines 2 13
Character Development Questions and discussions on character development. Methods and tips towards creating realistic characters. 5 82
Setting Development Discussion of setting development. What's to much and what is not enough. 3 17
Story Research Research information and questions on what is real and what could be real. 12 33
Grammar Issues Grammar issues including word usage, sentence structure and even spelling. 3 22
Non-Character Characters The Non-Character Characters - places and things that often serve as characters themselves. 2 8
Writing Process What's your process - Inspiration, Approach, Environment, or who's your muse. 4 31
Creative Writing General Writing Issues - Creativity, Approach, Process and Mechanics of writing 9 1301
Authenticity The details and texture that make a story seem authentic and real. 1 1
Writing Workshops Writing Workshops - Exercises to improve writing skills and get actual practice on specific areas with other members. 1 1
Mastering the Craft Exercises to improve you skils and understading of the craft of writing 2 10
Rewrite it your way Exercise - Rewrite and add to an existing story as you would have written it. 3 22
Who am I Exercise - Add to a Character's Personality developing characters with others and seeing how it's done. 3 34
Where am I Exercise - Create or Add to a Location or World. Helping create a scene with others. 1 7
What next Exercise - Developing a plot line as you go with other members. 2 37
The Total Zombie Develop the ultimate and unique zombie scenario with other forum members. 2 6
Short Story Board Post your original short stories for comment and review. (Members Only) 2 3
Writers Forum Writing Resources Tips, Suggestions, Resources or tools you might come across that a writer might find helpful. 2 8
Reviewing Tips on Reviewing and Critiquing Material 2 3
Publishing Publishing Issues and Resources 8 28
Marketing Marketing yourself and your work. 14 70
Knowledge Base What you know about something that might help others when it's part of a story. 10 58
Writers Tools Things that members come across they have found helpful or think may be helpful 3 38
Hardsell Writers (Hidden) - Writers Working Group - Hardsell Members Only 1 8
Day_Dreamers (Hidden) - Sci-Fi and Fantasy Writers Working Group - Day Dreamer Members Only 1 1
Haunted Forest (Hidden)Horror & Urban Legend Author's Working Groups - Members only 1 1
Heart Throbs (Hidden)Heart Throbs - Romance Author's Working Groups- Members only 1 1
The Street Heated Discussions not related to Writing. 6 14
World Events Stuff happening you can't help saying something about. 0 0
Current Events Things you can't resist commenting on 3 5
Social Commentary When you can't control yourself 0 0
The Lounge Where the boozers hang out to B.S. 11 886
The Coffee Shop Insomniacs Coffee Shop Open 24/7 7 59
Media Discussion Books, Movies, Plays, TV, Art, Music, etc 0 0
Book Discussions What are you reading? What do others Read? What's you favorite genre? 4 11
Movie Talk Going to a movie? What's the buzz? 5 32
Talking Television What are you watching? Everything TV. 1 4
Music Talk Who's your favorite, What type do you like? 2 4
Miscellaneous Miscellaneous discussion of written material on the writing. 0 0
Poets and Poetry Discussions For those of us who enjoy a little verse or rhyme. 30 338
Classic Story Discussions Discussion and analysis of classic short stories 2 21
Technical Help What you know may help someone out of a 'do it yourself' jam. Share your helpful tips. 2 2
External World External Feed 71 180
Kindle Book Reviews Member Reviews - Kindle Books 28 161
Book Reviews Paperback and hard cover book reviews 14 24
Movie Reviews Movie Reviews 10 20
Speech Reviews Analysis of written speeches 2 73
Blog Reviews For blog and web article reviews 6 44
Forum Reviews Here you can review other forums. They don't have to be on writing but keep it to the aspects of the forum. 4 4
Cool Products Product Reviews and neat stuff you find 1 1
Software Apps Tell us about the software application you run across. 6 15
Hardware Everything from lawnmowers, TVs, Stereos, Cool handbag, Hot cars or any other consumer goods. 5 11
Health and Fitness Vitamins, homeopathic remedies, How you stay young or even a good chicken soup. 1 2
Tips and Deals Tips and Deals you've run across that might help others. 1 1
New Members New Member Introductions - Not a requirement but it's a nice thing to do. 31 223
Writing Forums Requests Ask for changes or additions to the site and forums. 3 6
Writing Forums Announcements Board Announcements - New Features, Forum changes, etc. 14 68
Writing Forum Info and FAQ General Information on the forum and FAQ when we get them 7 8
Authors Spotlight Publications, Sites, Events, News of Members and Friends 13 348

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Useful tools
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Book Reviewing Service
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Creating buzz for your book or product
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The Dreaded 'Said'
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Marketing yourself on the web
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Tools we found so far
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First vs. Third Person Narrative Perspective
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Dealing with dialogue
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More Military References
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Plot versus subplot
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Did you write today
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What is creative writing
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The Value of Research in Creative Writing
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Which words when - list
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