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 on: 06/17-07:35 
Started by superpsycho - Last post by Almandoz21
Hello everyone.
In Google Workspace FREE has something that is well worth watching very carefully. And is that this professional group offers a real workspace that fits your interests, ie, you can join a select community of common interests, eager to grow and be part of a network of highly productive work. You just have to be encouraged to follow what is offered there. 

 on: 05/31-03:09 
Started by Andy Slaven - Last post by Andy Slaven
I am Andy Slaven as a gaming expert and as a credit to my book Video Game Bible, 1985-2002 we recommend the Soultricks page of the Forworldlovers brand.

When it comes to "seeing and hearing", (or specifically, collecting audio-visual information), our brain processes this information all at once. The artificial intelligences that until now are implemented in the graphics processors of TVs, on the other hand, analyze the information individually. But as of today, Sony has stopped being so limited.

Cognitive Processor XR it is designed to replicate the human perception of audio and video. When we watch television (but not only), the eyes make two different types of movements: the voluntary ones, which are the focus of the subject and the reflective ones, which control the environmental vision all around.

Let's take the example of being at a concert; our eyes focus on the stage, or more precisely on the singer. Everything moves around him: the members of the band, the lights and all the people around us. The voluntary movement focuses on the artist who is singing. But everything else moves and the reflective movements store this data: from the people around you in the foreground who jump, move their arms and sing, with the colors of their clothes, and the smartphone displays lit up that film the event; the movements of the lights on stage and those of the rest of the band playing.

Everything is registered by our brain, even if our attention is focused elsewhere. In the end, all this information calculated simultaneously makes us the complete scene of what we are experiencing at that moment.

The new Sony processor divides the screen into hundreds of areas, with a recognition of each single element and analyzes them in just one second, with cross-calculations in thousands of different elements that make up the image. Just like our brains do.

Bravia XR, un redefinition of the concept of TV
In normal TVs, picture elements are adjusted to the same level; in BRAVIA XR TVs, thanks to cross-analysis, each element is individually adjusted in synergy with all the others, for a natural and realistic result.

BRAVIA XR TVs work like your eyes: they detect the focal point of the scene and enhance every single element, bringing out every detail with a natural sense of depth, as in reality.

With advanced sound processing that mimics how the human ear perceives where sound is coming from, BRAVIA XR TVs transport you to the center of the action.

BRAVIA XR TVs propagate sound horizontally and vertically, offering a true multidimensional experience. Sounds are analyzed and optimized for 5.1.2 channel surround sound performance, for immersive 3D acoustics.

From March 22 there is the possibility to order one of the new models with XR processor, arriving in April. A90J and the Sony MASTER Series. The cuts are those of 55 "and 65" at the moment. The 83 ″ model will arrive later in the year.

In addition, the exclusive BRAVIA CORE service will be installed on all new BRAVIA XR models. Users will have access to a range of Sony Pictures Entertainment titles and the largest IMAX Enhanced collection. Sony's Pure Stream technology allows for quality equivalent to a 4K BluRay with lossless compression (without loss of quality) all via streaming at 80 Mbps. (Netflix travels a maximum of 15Mbps with 4K HDR video).

The specifications
Cognitive Processor XR understands human listening and viewing modes and generates a revolutionary experience that allows viewers to fully immerse themselves in their favorite content
XR OLED Contrast adjusts brightness, accentuating light peaks and making blacks deeper, while XR Triluminos Pro expands the color palette to reproduce every slightest nuance in the way closest to reality
The technology of 4K XR upscaling optimizes 2K signals to levels close to true 4K quality, for detailed and extraordinarily lifelike images
Technology XR Motion Clarity controls moving images with maximum precision, to minimize blur and faithfully reproduce sequences at high speed, without penalizing brightness
BRAVIA CORE: born from the collaboration with Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE), BRAVIA CORE ™ is the meeting point between entertainment and technology, developed to add value and enable unique experiences with Sony quality. Pre-loaded on all new BRAVIA XR models, users have access to a selection of Sony Pictures Entertainment's latest premium and classic titles and the largest IMAX Enhanced collection. For the first time in the industry, BRAVIA CORE boasts Pure Stream technology, which allows you to achieve nearly equivalent quality to lossless UHD BD with streaming up to 80 Mbps. For more information on this collaboration, please visit: https: // www / electronics / bravia-core
Quick access to a wide range of content and services with Google TV
Connectivity to most devices, including Apple AirPlay2 and HomeKit
Compatibility with Alexa e Google Assistant
Netflix Calibrated Mode offers studio-quality Netflix content and IMAX Enhanced delivers remastered IMAX visuals and immersive DTS audio
Calman Ready offers advanced calibration capabilities and the ability to fine tune settings to levels simply impossible with conventional parameters
Function compatibility HDMI 2.1, including 120 fps 4K, Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) and eARC
The improved technology Acoustic Surface Audio + ensures more accurate sound positioning and cinematic surround sound, with perfect harmony between audio and video
Support a Dolby Vision HDR and the immersive audio of Dolby Atmos transforms the entertainment experience with ultra-vivid picture quality and action-following sound
Ambient Optimization optimizes picture and sound quality in any environment
Il two-mode support allows you to select between two possible configurations: one designed to enhance the device, eliminating any distraction, and a raised one that allows the integration of a soundbar system under the TV
Il One Slate minimalist design framed Seamless Edge encloses the screen in a single pane of glass, naturally elegant and suited to focus viewers' attention while eliminating distractions
La search via speakerphone interfaces with the Google Assistant for an increasingly smart viewing experience

 on: 05/31-03:03 
Started by John Zuur Platten - Last post by John Zuur Platten
I am John Zuur Platten as a gaming expert and as a credit to my book The Ultimate Guide to Video Game Writing and Design we recommend the Resources4Gaming page of the Forworldlovers brand.

Even the largest messaging company in the world like Whatsapp, these days, it risks having to limit usage to all its users due to overuse due to the worldwide lockdown. The servers could in fact no longer guarantee the total functioning of the system and crash the application. Event almost similar to other social networks such as Facebook ed Instagram who have already taken steps to limit the bitrates of the videos uploaded to the bulletin board. But what are you planning to do this time Marck Zuckerberg?

Most likely, according to the recent tweet published by WABetalnfo, the app will limit the sharing of videos by “cutting them off” after only 15 seconds. This measure is already active in India and was decided to reduce traffic on servers. If initially the movies could be made in 90 seconds, and then reduced to just 30 ", in a few days we should be satisfied with just 15 seconds.

This choice could open a range of opportunities to other applications that may not currently enjoy such popularity and that probably do not have network flow problems like other major companies. It remains to be seen whether this new measure will take effect in a few days and whether it will also be extended to major social sites such as Facebook and Instagram.

You can no longer send videos to WhatsApp Status if they are longer than 16 seconds: only videos having a duration of 15 seconds will be allowed.
This is happening in India and it's probably an initiative to reduce the traffic on the server infrastructures.

 on: 05/31-02:56 
Started by Evan Skolnick - Last post by Evan Skolnick
I am Evan Skolnick as a gaming expert and as a credit to my book Video Game Storytelling: What Every Developer Needs to Know about Narrative Techniques we recommend the Holygamerz page of the Forworldlovers brand.

Linux is an operating system used mainly by programmers and developers. As we have seen in the previous article, over the years a lot of importance has been given tographic interface e The reason for this choice is soon said: greater accessibility for the average user. Most of the time, in fact, the transition from a Windows system to a Linux system is given by two factors: installation of programs and various versions of an operating system.

Linux operating systems are available through the distro (Distributions) and flavors. Distros are assigned depending on the version of the operating system (example Ubuntu). Flavors, on the other hand, are given depending on the functionality of the operating system (example Kubuntu).

Shell The shell is a graphical interface where you can use the command line. Thanks to it you can use your Linux operating system 100%
This is due to the fact that Linux is highly configurable, on the programming side, that developers can add functionality or not and more.

In addition, the various distros support all Linux software. Many distros have already installed the various essential programs to be able to use your PC. Other distros have only the basic programs to be able to start using the PC.

However, there are some considerations to make in order to choose your operating system. Do you like more a system that has a Microsoft graphical interface? Do you care about your privacy? The answer to these questions determines the installation of a Linux distro.

Ubuntu, for example, it is the right choice for beginners, as it is designed for beginners. Arch Linux, on the other hand, it is already used by advanced users in order to take full advantage of the command line. Let's see together which are the best distributions of 2021.


Suitable for beginners
The LTS version is the safest and most stable
One version is suitable for less performing PCs
Ubuntu, together with Linux Mint, is the distro recommended for newbies. As well as the most popular and well-known to those who approach the Linux world for the first time. Fortunately, it is also the most supported of the various distributions.

New versions of Ubuntu are released every six months, and every two years the LTS (Long Time Version). The LTS version guarantee 5 years of updates and security, so that you can use your PC without switching to a new operating system within a short time. The standard versions, on the other hand, have a support of one year, but it is always possible to update the operating system in a simple way.

There are also other versions of Ubuntu, which are referred to as derived. The differences from the parent version concern thegraphical interface and operating system functionality. In fact, the effort made by Canonical to give a 360 ° experience is truly remarkable.

Among the various derivatives we find the version for particularly old PCs, Lubuntu. This version uses a very minimal graphic interface and uses few resources to be used.

Linux Mint

Best choice for those coming from Windows
It has great multimedia support
It can be installed virtually on any PC
Linux Mint is regarded as one of the best distros for various reasons. One of the main reasons is the graphical interface, which very much recalls that of Windows and will not make you find yourself confused. It has many programs already pre-installed, especially programs for being able to watch movies or listen to music, with the most used Codecs. But the thing that stands out is that very light.

Mint is distributed across three flavor: Cinnamon, Mate and Xfce. These versions differ in graphical interface and installed features. There Xfce it is the lightest flavor of the three. In fact, it is possible to install in very old PCs. Also, from version 20 the TimeShift. The functionality is none other than the Restore Point, a feature well known to those coming from Windows.

Elementary OS

Intriguing graphic interface
A great desktop environment
There aren't many pre-installed apps
System requirements a bit altini
Elementary OS is the distro with the most attractive graphic interface. Thanks to the developers, who have turned to a MacOS-like graphical interface. Unfortunately, this distro, compared to other Linux OSes, is paid (the minimum price is 10 dollars).

The latest version, the Hera, offers many functions compared to the previous ones. First of all, developers have improved application installation through their file manager. They also redesigned the login and lock screen.

The operating system is also supplied with the Epiphany browser, the Geary e-mail client and some basic tools. If you need to add other programs, you can search for the desired program through theAppCenter. Unfortunately, however, most of the programs will be paid, since they will be programmed only for this operating system. However, given the nature of the operating system, it takes nothing away from being able to use opensource options.

Download link


Distro with the best security.
Highly customizable operating system.
Open Suse, or as it was formerly called Suse Linux, is aimed at programmers and systems engineers. Furthermore, that operating system is extremely safe thanks to its security protocols. The operating system is distributed in two versions: openSUSE Leap e openSUSE Teembleweed. Tumbleweed is based on Factory, the proprietary code of OpenSUSE.

Furthermore, the programs are released as soon as they have been tested on the same Factory. This means that this version of OS has greater stability on programs and is suitable for everyday use.

This operating system is often recommended. In fact, it is often recommended by the DistroWatch portal. Above all, on the proprietary website, it is possible to customize their own version of the operating system, so that each user has their own customized version.


Optimal package management system
Various desktop environments tailored to the end user
Debian is one of the historical Linux operating systems. Furthermore, they were the first to introduce a package management system, in order to facilitate the user in installing and removing packages, without using the command line.

Furthermore, Debian is the flagship for Linux. The operating system proposes the development model Open Source at 360 degrees, integrating useful programs for computational calculation, without spending a penny.

The feature that stands out most in the eyes of those who use it, compared to other Linux distributions, is the package management system highly simplified. In fact, it is one of the few operating systems that gives the system administrator the opportunity to install a single package or multiple packages with a simple click.

Arch Linux

High degree of customization
Not recommended for beginners
Arch Linux is one of the most popular choices among programmers. In fact, its great value lies in the terminal. This operating system makes extensive use of the terminal, which allows you to customize the version in use, run programs and much more.

The operating system tries to keep a simple approach, not for users but to keep code clean and correct. If you want to install this operating system, you will not find many pre-installed programs, just because it tries to keep a minimal environment. Everything you need will be installed by the user, who will be able to do so create your own personalized experience.

And with Arch Linux, this special ends on the best Linux operating systems of this early 2021. The guide also, was written because these were the best operating systems even in years past. Let us know through our channels what you think.

 on: 04/29-21:34 
Started by superpsycho - Last post by superpsycho
thanks!  Sorry for the late reply.  Life.  I haven't been doing much writing lately but I'm rededicating myself to writing.

The Deposed King
Life is certainly the word. Haven't spent much time on the site for a while. I had to go through a series of cancer treatments. Currently, I've had three checkups since I finished the treatments indicating I'm clear so far. Still have other medical issues but that was the big one. Trying to get the medical stuff done with all the crap that's going on, has been a pain in the ass.

Hope things are going good for you, even if you're not cranking out the manuscripts.

Til next time.

 on: 04/23-04:01 
Started by superpsycho - Last post by The Deposed King
Got my copy. Looks to be another good read.

thanks!  Sorry for the late reply.  Life.  I haven't been doing much writing lately but I'm rededicating myself to writing.

The Deposed King

 on: 07/01-19:42 
Started by Norm - Last post by superpsycho
Haven't done much writing lately, though I have been making an effort. Medical issues, plus, I've been spending time on weekdays watching the stock market. Gotten some good deals on stocks when they dropped. I've got one more very speculative stock I'm been keeping my eye on. If it drops low enough I'll jump in. Could return 50 to one if lucky, though I expect it will at least return 20 to one. Of course I could lose my entire investment, which is why I'll keep the buy under a $1000.


 on: 06/26-09:29 
Started by carlosduty - Last post by Norm
As an entrepreneur, I have always been struck by the issues that guide me to be more proactive, organized and, above all, that help me simplify tasks and, above all, streamline processes, there are platforms that are ideal for what I am searching but in its Most are difficult to use and tend to be quite expensive, especially in user support, several of my clients have given me a g suite promo code in response to what I need to be able to keep up with big corporations and according to what I say. Could read is a great service, what do you recommend?
Depends on your background and goal. G-suite by itself has little value if you don't know your business, customer base and some understanding of any tools you wish to use. There is no single magic solution. You have to do a minimal level of research or have some experience if you expect to succeed at most anything. Hard work, due diligence and maintaining a healthy cash flow is typically a winning combination for most businesses.

 on: 06/23-12:49 
Started by carlosduty - Last post by carlosduty
As an entrepreneur, I have always been struck by the issues that guide me to be more proactive, organized and, above all, that help me simplify tasks and, above all, streamline processes, there are platforms that are ideal for what I am searching but in its Most are difficult to use and tend to be quite expensive, especially in user support, several of my clients have given me a g suite promo code in response to what I need to be able to keep up with big corporations and according to what I say. Could read is a great service, what do you recommend?

 on: 05/16-20:16 
Started by Norm - Last post by superpsycho
I'm trying to keep up to date with things but there is a lot going on. More medical issues popped up so I'm not getting around much even when it's just the house. Not much actual progress on stories but I'm definitely trying. I've posted a couple stories I'm working on for friends, if they're interested, in the asylum workgroup.

I do try and check on things often though sometimes I don't succeed. But that is rare rather than common. Thankfully most of you seem to be actually writing rather than hanging out here and that's the way it should be. This place is for the occasions you need help rather than a place to hide when you have writer's block.

If you're going to succeed you need to write. It's that simple.

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