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Author Topic: The Havok Journal: The Top Military Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books  (Read 9663 times)

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The Top Military Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books

An interesting list.  What would you add?

I've read Starship Troopers, of course.  I've read the Ender series.  I might add the Berserker series as well.

The others on the list give me something to shoot for, when I have time to read.


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As far as additional military Science Fiction Book Series:
Jack Campbell's The Lost Fleet Series is good. So is our own Deposed King's 'Little Admiral' series listed as the Spineward Sectors Series on amazon.

There's Also
~ Bill Baldwin - The Helmsman Books - Thanks to the attrition of military personnel from a long drawn out war, a young man from the lower class citizenry, and one of the few survivors of a sneak attack on his homeworld, is able to rise to prominence within the military. This is the story of the helmsman Wilf Ansor, his successes and setbacks.

~ C J Cherryh - Company Wars Books - These books are a complex story of a rebellion between colonized space and the earth based company. The first two books in chronological order are Heavy Time, Hellburner, From there it's Downbelow Station, Merchanter's Luck, Rimrunners, Tripoint and Finity's End. The stories show the effects on different colony fractions including Pell's Station as it tries to deal with the influx of refugees, to the merchant's ship's trying to defend themselves.     

~ David Drake - The General Books - Interstellar civilization has collapsed into isolated planets. On one of these planets, a sentient computer still functions. It and a young military officer join forces, first to save the planet then to form a new federation one world at a time. Thus, the young officer begins his journey as the General.

~ David Drake - RCN Books - Also referred to as the Lt. Leary or Lightnings series, it follows the career of Daniel Leary and his friend Adele Mundy, a Signals Officer/CyberLibrarian. This is a very readable and enjoyable series. Drake's military background gives the series some authenticity without getting down into the weeds of it.

~ David Drake - Hammers Slammers Books - This three book series is raw tank warfare, written by an Author who served with the 11th Armored Cavalry (The Black Horse Regiment) in Vietnam and Cambodia. If your thing is ground combat, this best selling trilogy is a must-read.

~ David Feintuch - Seafort Books - The Seaford saga relates the adventures of Nicholas Seafort, an officer in a distant future United Nations Naval Service. With a couple exceptions, the books are first hand accounts of the naval officers experiences. The first book has the widely used theme of a young lowly midshipman thrust into a dangerous situation where he must lead. The books are good easy reads that don't get into the weeds of technology or strategy.

~ David Weber - Honor Harrington Books List by Havok but worth mentioning again. This series covers the career of a Manticore Star Kingdom officer, Honor Harrington. From her first real Starship command, to the all-out war with the rival system of The Republic of New Haven, the books cover the stories of her successes and setbacks as she rises through the ranks. One of the more interesting aspects of the series is her relationship with her empathic treecat, Nimitz.

This is an easy to read great series. It doesn't get into the weeds of technology, but does provide a decent overview of battle and war strategy. There is also an interesting bit of social political overview for a number of different human subcultures. For the space battle enthusiasts there is also more than enough ship-to-ship and full knock-down drag-out fleet action to satisfy most readers. This is one of my personal favorites.

Fred Saberhagen - Berserker Books
Gordon R Dickson - Childe Cycle Books or what some call the Dorsai series.
Jerry Pournelle - Janissaries Books
Jerry Pournelle - Falkenberg Books

~ John Dalmas - The Regiment Books - Imagine a world whose purpose is the perfection of the military unit in an empire of peaceful populations that need somewhere to off load those they consider deviants. That's the basic setting for this series. 

~ Kindal Debenham - Jacob Hull Series - A young ensign takes over when a pirate plot invokes a mutiny, killing the command crew of his ship. Through his natural ability and the loyalty he inspires in his crew, he fights the ship to victory. These are kindle books by a first time writer but they are easy fun reads well worthwhile taking a look at. There's no in depth tech talk but some time is spent on strategy. So far, there are three books, Wolfhound, Badger and Eagle.

~ Lois McMaster Bujold - The Vorkosigan Saga Books - This series is centered around Miles Vorkosigan and his parents though Miles doesn't appear until the forth book, The Warrior's Apprentice. The first book Falling Free, from which the Vorkosigan Saga develops, establishes the background universe. There are no star traveling aliens in the series, just many divergent cultures, including bioengineered humanoid workers considered as assets, who have evolved over hundreds of years. There is a lot of technology development as the story progresses but not in so much detail, it would turn people off. This is a good easy to read series that has a touch of humor in many of the books.

~ Mark E. Cooper  - Merkiaari Wars Books - Merkiaari Wars books aren't about a single commander it's about a war and the men and women who fight it. The books are the stories of the different characters and are more about them responding to events and situations. The details of technology, science or strategy are things they don't really get into. Hard Duty is listed as the first book in the series but is actually a prequel to What Price Honor.

~ Mike Shepherd - Kris Longknife Books - Kris Longknife suffers from a family trait of being where ever things are about to hit the preverbal fan. Just being around a Longknife is considered, by many, a fatal disease. Fortunately, a few stout hearts enjoy being where the action is or if nothing else, for the few hired to keep her from getting in over her head, it pays really well. The on going theme of being 'one of those damn Longknifes' is often over the top but the books are still a good and fun read.   

~ Rick Shelley - Dirigent Mercenary Corps Books - Honor can be demonstrated in many ways. Sometimes it just being willing to stand and take the heat even though you don't deserve it. Lon Nolan is such a man but determination is not something he lacks. Joining the Dirigent Mercenary Corps he finds a new home and chance to prove himself. Some people have a difficulty with books that get into the nuts and bolts of strategy and tactics which this series does do.

~ Tanya Huff - Valour Confederation Books - What happens when the morality of a race forbids the taking of a life and they have enemies who have no problem with it? You find a race willing to do what needs doing. Which is how Staff Sergeant Torin Kerr, acting first sergeant of Sh'quo Company, ends up traveling the stars protecting the universe from the bad guys.   

~ Thomas DePrima - A Galaxy Unknown Books - Forced into stasis for 11 years, a young ensign finds that with her time in the service, she's on the fast track of promotion. Thankfully, though young and inexperienced she isn't without skills. This series follows the career of Jenetta Carver, who's brought to the attention of the public through happenstance but rises up through the ranks by her own abilities.

Note: In a long military series it's not going to be all endless battle scenes. Many of the books include the build up to the war or how the hero got to where they're at. And not all the books are major armies or space fleets in battle. Several are about smaller military units on missions.

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