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Author Topic: Luke Sky Wachter aka The Deposed King  (Read 67524 times)

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The Deposed King

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Re: Luke Sky Wachter aka The Deposed King
« Reply #105 on: 08/24-17:53 »

Book Description
Publication: August 7, 2017
File Size: 1245 KB
Print Length: 795 pages

Admiral's Nemesis Part I
Book Eleven in the Spineward Sectors Series

After Admiral Montagne's defeat of Admiral Janeski's Fleet you'd think our hero would have a chance to take stock and rest from his many ordeals; not a chance. With the war won, the vultures emerge from every nook and cranny looking to take advantage of the situation. It seems more than one politician knows the perfect use for the ships of the defeated fleet. The question is, who's interest are they looking to serve.

With his victory, some think our hero has too much power in his hands and fear how he'll use it. Others may consider a political naive young man ripe for taking advantage of. Whatever their reasons, there are a lot of people intent on making the young Admirals life as difficult as they can. One thing is certain, there is no end to the challenges Jason Montagne still must face.

Admiral's Nemesis Part I - A Spineward Sectors Novel: Book 10 [Kindle Edition]
Luke Sky Wachter (Author), Caleb Wachter (Editor), Pacific Crest Publishing (Illustrator)

Book 11 of the Admiral Who series is here so why wait. It's a series any Sci-Fi fan can appreciate. If you haven't been reading it you might consider giving it a try.

Thanks SP!

The Deposed King
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